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About Me

About Me

Hi there! I'm Scott. I recently completed my Computer Science degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

I'm a Software Development Engineer by day at Apple, and in my spare time I enjoy tinkering with my homelab - a collection of over 25 machines including vintage and contemporary Apple, Sun SPARC, pc hardware, networking gear, and VoIP tech.

I'm also an amateur radio operator — catch me on the CPARC repeater, I'm KK6SEU. I'm not afraid of a soldering iron, and am constantly working on some electronics project or another, including an 8-bit 6502 homebrew computer.

If you'd like, my résumé and a link to my Github profile is available below.


Code Samples

Published Apps



Project Graveyard

I love doing projects. Getting them written up, however, is a challenge. So here are some from the vaults that I'll get around to writing up some day.

  • C++ Omegle Chatbot
  • Obscene Mad-Lib Twitter bot
  • Twitter Ticker thermal printer
  • Trackr app for Android (Cal Poly CPES Hack-a-thon submission, second place winner of gratuitiously oversized check)
  • My Darling Rosa - a Python SMS (and web) Markov-chain chatbot
  • Cams over Cal Poly - a webcam viewer cataloging the dozens of IP cameras on the Cal Poly campus
  • Ding Dong! - internet connected doorbell
  • Twypewriter - An electric-typewriter-to-tele(type|printer) conversion that's half-done
  • CatFacts! - A subscription SMS service that sends little kitty facts right to your phone
  • Power Hour - a JavaScript webapp to help you play the powerhour drinking game along to a YouTube playlist
  • Ratchat - Pronounced "ratchet", a PHP-backed Android chat app that shows you other nearby users
  • Raspberry Pi powered garage door opener
  • Sun Sunfire V100 LOM password recovery
  • Cisnos, a Sonos controller XML app for Cisco IP Phones
  • Web browsing with the Apple IIe and Macintosh SE
  • Compiling Hello World for the Apple IIe
  • Scrobblegator
  • TapeFS - a filesystem implemented on a 1970's reel-to-reel tape recorder
  • iFixit guide reader for Google Glass
  • Hackintosh build in PowerMac G5 case
  • Lightweight, themable PHP blogging system, Seems
  • Cloning [app name] in [n number] hours!!
  • Hater - like Yo but for cyber bullying - for iOS and Android
  • PyEcho - a Python library for talking to the Amazon Echo API.
  • Home automation madness with burner phones - Homeboy
  • Restoring any of my 20+ vintage computers
  • Building a 6502 microcomputer
  • Amateur radio things (antenna building, digital interfaces)
  • APRS tracking GUI